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We Are 2 Natural Skincare Specialists and Lovers !

Our passionate work brings you products of the most natural and prestigious extracts from the Middle East and North Africa. After years of research and extensive trips to the native lands, we offer a comprehensive range and variety of traditional care.

Our Aleppo soaps from Syria are exclusively made for NOON and are not even available in the local Syrian market. These unique soaps are a rare treasure, which is apparent to any of our first-time users.

Our online ordering allows you to shop for our products whenever it is convenient for you, so you can start switching now away from conventional chemical products that are too harsh for your precious skin, not to mention unenvironmental for our planet. Remember that products used on your skin will penetrate into your body. This makes it essential to use natural products to be safe and beautiful, with a peace of mind.

Who are we ??

Two French ladies, Nadia & Noor, unconditional friends since 20 years who share the same passions ; traditions, travels, purity and simplicity.

We initially sold Aleppo soap from Syria in Paris in 2003, nobody knew what was those strange brownish-green bars… then organic trend began to reach everybody and we started the adventure ! Nadia travelled all over the Mediterranean sea, Syria, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon… Noor expanded the brand in Paris and then Doha in 2008.

Here we go ! NOON does now have more than 30 organic & natural skincare products (soaps, oils, bath&beauty), we work close to our suppliers, we know all the craftsmen we work with, we buy in bulk and pack the products ourselves in France, do our own Khol powder, mix the argan oil with essentials oils… You are dealing with a human size company, with local business and human relationships managed by 2 passionnate ladies.

2016 is bringing us to Africa, especially Mali, where many rare skincare beauty products are still manufactured by hand… stay tuned !

Share the experience with us, spread the NOON products and keep them as your daily skin remedies, our skin deserve it.


Virginie Haumont (Noor).
+974 6602 7453

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