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Aker Fassi Natural Lipstick


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From Morroco’s Atlas mountains, Afker Fassi is a 100% natural lipstick !!

Aker Fassi is traditionally handmade from poppy flower and pomegranate extracts and used by the Berber ladies. Aker Fassi is a lipstick produced in full respect of ancient Berber traditions handed down for centuries.

Contained in a small terracotta container, this vegetable make-up stays for a while on the lips and cheeks, the colour of the Aker varies from pink to red.


• Humidify your finger with a little water and slightly rub the hollow surface of the terracotta container which contains the powder. Apply on your lips and/or cheeks.  Apply just once to obtain a natural look (rose pink) and multiple times to achieve a darker tone (intense red).

• Use a lip brush if you want to avoid the red colour on your finger.
• Sometimes the Aker Fassi Lipstick has a slight tendency to dry out the lips (depending on your lip skin), the best way is to cover it with a thin layer of transparent balm (shea butter) or honey that will protect you.
• The best is to use aker fassi on the lips and the cheeks at the same time, it will give a fresh and radiant look to your face.


for a glossy and moisturizing effect apply honey on your lips !!

no tested on animals.


90g in a clay pot.

Ecological friendly – Paraben free – Silicone free


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