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Aleppo Traditional Soap Bar – 5% – the usual everyday soap found in the streets of Aleppo Souk


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This Aleppo soap contains 90% of olive oil; it is the regular one you find in Syria in the traditional souks.


Use this soap daily as a regular body and face cleanser. Convenient for the entire family bath and shower. For sensitive/prone skins you may want to use a higher quality Aleppo Soap Bar that contains more laurel (bayleaf) oil.

Also use this Aleppo Traditional Soap for handwash laundry. It will be prefect for delicate fabrics (wool, silk, baby cloth…) and skin with allergies to chemicals detergents.


Always keep a bar of this Aleppo soap bar in the cupboard !!

Any hard stain ?? .Moisten the fabric then rub the soaps on the mark ; leave it on overnight, wash it the next day in a normal way. This wonderful Aleppo soap will help you to get rid of the most difficult stains!!!

Anti-fungal for plants : Laurel oil is naturally anti-fungal, cleansing and antibiotic. Cut or rasp a small piece of Aleppo Soap and melt it in water. Apply or spray this solution on your plants when needed.

Pets : ideal soap to wash your pets in total hygienic conditions. Aleppo Soap will respect the skin and fur of animals.



5% bay tree oil, 90% olive oil, 4% water, sodium hydroxide from sea salt (less than 1%).

Ecological friendly – Sodium Laureth sulfate free – Paraben free – Silicone free


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