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Hypoallergenic and simply natural, it gives you effective long lasting protection that you can use anywhere on your body for all family. It will remain cleanliness and freshness all through the day.

Alum stone is one of the earth’s most common and useful minerals used since civilization began.

Alum Stones are natural stones used as deodorants. They are safe both for the skin and environment. These non-toxic and hypoallergenic stones can be applied to anywhere on the body and are multi functional.

Alum stones are free from chemicals, perfumes, preservatives, colors and alcohol. They are very effective and economical, since a piece can last up to several months ( even up to years).

How Do They Work ?

Alum stone are rubbed on to wet skin or can be dampened with a wet cloth and then rubbed on to dry skin to from a thin layer. The stones are so safe they can be used anywhere on the body! Alum Stones work as a deodorant by leaving a fine salty, slightly alkaline film on the skin, preventing the growth of microbes (bacteria) No bacteria = no odor! They keep the skin fresh and deodorized all day. They also allow the skin to perspire, something essential, keep the pores clear, and have the added advantage of not staining clothes.


• Alum stone has not scent.
• It can be used as an tonic.
• Alum is astringent and mildly antiseptic.
• Alum stone is slightly alkaline,  which creates an environment unfriendly to bacteria.
• It gives instant relief from insect  bites that respond to alkali. It reduces the swelling and redness and  causes the bite to vanish quicker.
• Alum do not block pores so the body is able to breathe naturally.
• It is made from natural mineral salts.
• Can also be applied to the feet for foot odor.


• As deodorant, apply Alum stone after bath or shower while body is still wet on body areas that need protection. If body dry, wet stone with water then apply on body parts.
• As an antiseptic after shave, moisten stone with cold water and rub it gently on the face.
For minor cuts, moisten stone with cold water and place stone over the cut for a few second.
• After using, rinse your stone and keep it dry in a cool place.


Alum in rock form is used as an aftershave. To use it, rubbed on a freshly shaved face. Its astringent property helps to prevent and reduce bleeding in minor cuts and abrasions.


Potassium Alum, aqua: KAl (SO4 )2 /font>12H2 O.


between 30g and 40g stick.

Ecological friendly – Paraben free – Silicone free


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