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Argan Oil & Rosewood – Anti-Aging


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Argan oil Bio combined with Rosewood Essential Oil BIO – Rejuvenating

Rosewood essential oil is extracted from the woody matter of the Rosewood tree with the help of steam distillation. It rejuvenates the skin and keeps it looking healthy and young. It can be useful in the treatment of nausea, vomiting, cough and cold, stress, wrinkles, skin diseases, and acne.

This essential oil can take away your depression and leave you smiling within minutes. The mild, sweet, spicy and floral aroma of this oil does the trick and is thus favored by aromatherapy specialists.

Although not strong, this oil serves as a mild analgesic and can give you relief from slight headaches, toothaches and pain in the muscles and joints, particularly those resulting from infections that lead to colds, influenza, mumps, and measles.

Now this is something that poets and lovers will find very useful. The essential oil that is derived from this hard wood (although it is actually a bit softer than some other woods like teak) can really arouse soft and tender feelings.


– Protects the skin against wrinkles
– Regulates the secretion of sebum
– Good for reducing skin irritation
– Helps to prevent stretch marks
– Good for the elasticity of skin
– High rejuvenating qualities
– Rich in vitamin A and E


Light and non-greasy, argan oil absorbs easily, instantly giving skin a radiant glow.

Apply 1-3 drops (as needed) to face morning and evening after cleansing to replenish lost moisture

    • Use as face oil
    • Use on hands to treat everyday dryness
    • Treat skin conditions naturally


Apply every morning your Argan Oil combined with Rosewood Oil on your face and start a tonic and brilliant day!


Argania spinosa (argan) kernel oil*BIO – Rosewood Essential oil BIO *Ingredient from Organic Farming
(Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use essential oil, we recommend to use the Regular Argan Oil)

Ecological friendly – Paraben free – Silicone free


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