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3 Basics, Everyday Care



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1/ Regenarating Beauty Serum – Night Treatment
2/ Organic Argan Oil & Rosewood Essential Oil – Day Moisturizer
3/ Rose Water Toner – Day and Night Toner

Normal, dry , delicate, combination and mature skin

1/ Regenarating Night Beauty Serum:

Facial Night Serum

Active ingredient: Prikly Pear Oil

– Remedy for mature and wrinkled skin
– Light and fast-absorbing
– Stimulates the cells
– Regenarates tissues
– Smoothes fine lines
– Helps diminish scars and bad marks

Use Argan Serum as an add-on to your skin care regimen, layered under your moisturizer.

Pure argan oil*-Prickly Pear Oil*-Rockrose Oil*-Nigella Oil*-Mandarin Essential  Oil*-

*BIO Organic-no preservatives

Exp: on bottle – 20ml


2/ Organic Argan Oil & Rosewood Essential Oil – Day Moisturizer:

Day Face Moisturizer

Active ingredient: Rosewood Essential Oil.

– Protects the skin against wrinkles
– Regulates the secretion of sebum
– Good for reducing skin irritation
– Helps to prevent stretch marks
– Good for the elasticity of skin
– High rejuvenating qualities
– Rich in vitamin A and E

Apply daily morning and evening as a regular moisturizing skincare.

Pure argan oil 100% BIO from Morocco – Rossewood Essential Oil BIO-organic-no preservatives

Exp: on bottle – 40ml / 1.71fl.oz


3/ Rose Water Toner – Day and Night Toner:

Facial Toner.

– Helps removing dirt, makeup and oil from the skin
– Provides calming effect on acne and eczema
– Stimulate circulation in the skin and reduces thread veins and broken capillaries
– Protects the skin from bacterial infections
– Maintains the ph balance of the skin
– Purifies and tones the skin
– Heals sunburn and wounds
– The fragrance of the roses is a very effective de-stressor and helps  to release stress instantly.

Apply on the face after cleansing, use Argan Oil to moisturize.

Pure handmade rose water obtained by steam extraction in Tunisia – No colouring – No preservatives.

Exp: no exp date – 100ml



Keep the 3 Basic Care in your bathroom as your everyday skin bliss and use the beauty pouch for travelling. If you decide to follow a full organic skincare protocol this set contains the essentials skincare products you will need for your daily skin food. Add a good quality organic Aleppo Soap cleanser and your natural skincare will be complete.

Ecological friendly – Paraben free – Silicone free

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