Hair Treatment Oil “hair loss and hair nourishment”

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Argan + Cedar Wood

a perfect combination of 2 oils with special properties for hair and scalp

100% plant extract oil based, this Hair Oil will treat the dry scalp, dry hair and get rid of dandruff. The base of the treatment, made of the iconic organic argan oil (read more about argan oil), will nourish, repair and enhance the hair and scalp. The key and active ingredient is the organic essential oil of cedar wood. This essence is well known to slow hair loss, help stimulate the hair follicles by increasing circulation to the scalp, treat thinning hair and contribute to hair growth.


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Daily Hair Food & Hair Remedy

Moisturizing Treatment Oil For Hair

100% pure and organic

Eczema on the scalp treatment:
Cedar wood oil is extremely good for people who are suffering from eczema, which is caused due to malfunctioning of the sebaceous glands and epidermal cell infection.
People suffering from this problem will have dry skin, which peels from the scalp, eyebrows and from other areas with hair follicles. If this condition persists for long, it becomes very difficult to cure.
Thus, it is always best to treat it in the initial stages and using cedar wood oil for this is the most effective way.


– Treats dandruff
– Effective for dry hair
– Promotes hair growth
– Reduces skin irritations
– Stimulate the hair follicles
– Increase circulation to the scalp
– Reduce dry or flaky scalp
– Stimulates the scalp and increases circulation

How to apply:

Use the Hair Oil once a week as a deep hair treatment before shampooing ; massage the entire scalp  with the oil and leave it on either overnight (we advice to wrap the hair into a cloth or cling film) or several hours before shampooing.
We recommend to use a natural shampoo afterwords in order to complete the full natural treatment and keep the organic benefits. You can either apply the Moroccan Lava clay (here) and wash your hair several times with it or clean your hair with an Aleppo soap (here) also used as a solid shampoo.

Morning ritual:

  1. The Hair oil has a non greasy texture that is easily and quickly absorbed. Apply every morning a small amount of oil on the ends of the hair and let it penetrate naturally.
  2. You can also use it in small quantities to restore shine and relieve frizz on the top of the hair.

Find this Hair Treatment Oil part of a Hair set with the clay mask and solid shampoo (see here), an easy way to provide a 100% botanical care to your hair! 


Active Ingredient : Cedrus atlantica FR-BIO-01 AB
Contains 100% of natural organic ingredients:
Virgin kernel argan oil first cold pressed (Argania spinosa L.)* & essential oil of Atlas Cedar Wood (Cedrus atlantica)*
*Ingredients from Organic Farming
Free from paraben, silicone, preservatives, perfume, acid, alcohol.

Indications and precautions:

Try on a small part of the skin first to be sure there won’t be a skin reaction.
Pregnant, breastfeeding women and child under 7 years old should NOT use essential oil, we recommend to use the Nourishing Oil (plain Argan oil only) which is also very efficient for hair masks. (buy here)

Storage condition: dry and dark room (avoid day light and high temperatures).

From: Argan/Morocco-Cedar wood/Morocco

Packed in: France.

Exp: on bottle.

Size: 40ml/1.71fl.oz

Purchase with mindfulness…

By Buying Argan Oil you are ensuring sustainable development in the argan fields regions of Morocco. A lot of projects involve local populations and help with improvements of basic infrastructure, management of natural resources, revenue-generating activities, capacity reinforcement…

Thank you for joining our community and our projects for a greener and more ethical world.

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