Recycled Tyre Planter #6

150.00 QAR

Cool Planters!

Start your own sustainable garden with a contemporary black recycled tyre planter or two. This garden planter has been crafted by artisans in Syria from tyres that would otherwise have gone to landfill. By recycling waste material, being handled by fair trade artisans, and giving your garden plants a home – this planter is saving the earth in more ways than one. Why not fill it with a shrub or a little fruit tree and start your own garden kitchen?


The perfect re-use vessel. Handmade and artisan work handcrafted in Syria. The saddle stitched will allow the planters to breathe and drain.

Suitable for water, soil, washing, toys… it won’t break, 10 years guarantee! also crack and crush resistant.

This frost proof planter makes an unusual and eco-friendly option for your garden and has Kevlar (saddle) stitched which will offer extra strength and will not rot.

Each product is handmade from old used tires. The finish and the structure of the material therefore are different from one piece to the other. Each time you will receive a unique object with lot of character.

Size : Diameter : 25cm Height : 40cm

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