Traditional Scented Body Oil “refreshing sweet basil scent”

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Argan + Taraf Perfume with notes of basil “mashmum

A traditional scent of the peninsula used in ceremonies

A unique creation between NOON and TARAF perfumes from Qatar. The combination of the extraordinary argan oil for skin and the outstanding fragrance from TARAF gives a spicy, fresh, herbaceous, sweet body oil that all woman fall in love with. This sweet basil has aromatics, spicy, herbaceous, aniseed scents as well as very close notes to the smell of freshly picked basil leaves. It is refreshing and gives a feminine fragrance to the skin at the same time. A pure bliss…


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Daily Skin Food & Skin Remedy

Moisturizing Oil For Body

About Taraf Fragrance: 

Taraf is owned by an amazing Qatarie lady who creates outstanding fragrances. This perfume itself named “Taraf”;  is a blend of different essences and the predominant one is the famous traditional sweet basil (methyl chavicol type). This sweet basil has aromatics, spicy, herbaceous, aniseed, and very close notes to the smell of freshly picked basil leaves. It is refreshing and gives a feminine fragrance to the skin at the same time. A pure bliss…

The sweet basil into this blend is traditionally called “Mashmum” in the Qatari Peninsula. The plant is very resistant an grows easily in each garden the whole year and is usually used in the wedding ceremonies. The bride, her mother and sisters but also close family will garnish their hair style with fresh mashmum leaves. The green leaves will fill some baskets that will be displayed in different parts of the rooms so you can enjoy the delicate scent while being a guest at the ceremony. Some leaves can also be spread on the floor on the bride path like a green carpet. The entire wedding smells amazing.

Benefits of Argan Oil for Skin:

  • Helps diminish scars and bad marks
  • Protects the skin against wrinkles
  • Regulates the secretion of sebum
  • Heals and restores damaged hair
  • Good for reducing skin irritation
  • Helps to prevent stretch marks
  • Good for the elasticity of skin
  • High rejuvenating qualities
  • Rich in vitamin A and E

How to apply:

Light and non-greasy, argan oil is easily absorbed by the tissues, instantly giving skin a radiant glow.
Apply a small amount (1-3 doses) on damp skin (after shower is the best moment). Lightly massage over the body skin.

Party Ritual:

Apply the Traditional Scented Body Oil before heading to a party, a dinner or a wedding; your skin will keep a pleasant touch of a sweet scent and will also be glowing.

Purchase with mindfulness…

By Buying Argan Oil you are ensuring sustainable development in the argan fields regions of Morocco. A lot of projects involve local populations and help with improvements of basic infrastructure, management of natural resources, revenue-generating activities, capacity reinforcement…

Thank you for joining our community and our projects for a greener and more ethical world.

Additional information

Dimensions 3.5 x 3.5 x 10.8 cm

100% organic virgin kernel argan oil first cold pressed*(Argania spinosa L.) & Taraf fragrance.
*Ingredients from Organic Farming

Other information

Indications and precautions:

Try on a small part of the skin first to be sure there won’t be a skin reaction.
NOT suitable for child under 3 years old due to the perfume (fragrance).
Storage condition: dry and dark room (avoid day light and high temperatures).

From: Argan/Morocco-Taraf fragrance/Qatar.

Packed in: France and Qatar.

Exp: on bottle.

Size: 40ml/1.71fl.oz


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